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RP-200B Propress

RIDGID RP-200B gives contractors another option for fast and reliable way to join copper, stainless steel and PEX. The in-line form of tool allows access to tighter spaces, enabling press connections in difficult to reach areas.


  • In-line form allows access to tighter spaces.
  • More than 250 presses per charge for job site efficiency  with standard battery.
  • Large Capacity Advanced Lithium 4 Batteries are available and can achieve over 550 presses per change to maximize uptime.
  • Microprocessor and LED indicator light insures proper tool use and pressed connections.


  • Capacity: 1/2″ – 11/4″ (Copper & Stainless Steel), 3/8″ – 11/2″ (PEX)
  • Versatility: 270° Barrel/Jaw Swivel
  • Battery: 18V, Advanced Lithium 2
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs. with Battery
  • Battery Charger: 120V
  • Hydraulic Ram Output: 5,400 lbs. (24kN)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15°F to 122°F
  • Approximate Cycle Time: 4-5 seconds
  • Compatible with all RIDGID Compact Series Pressing Attachments
  • Kit includes: RP 200-B Press Tool, (2) Advanced Lithium 2 Batteries, Charger and Carrying Case
RP-200B Propress by ridgid

Rental Information

(2) Units
$75.00 per 24hr period
Friday rental, Monday return, one-day charge

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