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Mini SeeSnake Reel

1 1/2” lines up to 200′
At 25 pounds, the Mini-SeeSnake combines portability with a rugged camera used to inspect lines up to 200 feet. It is built tougher for unmatched durability, reliability and performance.


  • 100% hardened stainless steel camera head for increased durability.
  • Improved push cable and smaller camera head to push farther through tighter spots.
  • Inspects 1 1/2″ lines up to 200′:
    – 1 1/2″ 90s
    – 2″ P-Traps
  • Rugged, high-intensity lights for improved visibility.
  • Flexible transmitter makes locating easier and is fully compatible with RIDGID NaviTrack II and NaviTrack Scout.
  • Choose Mini-SeeSnake when portability and maneuverability are crucial (multi-story buildings, roof tops, confined areas, etc.).
Mini-SeeSnake Reel

Rental Information

(7) Units
$75.00 per 24hr period
Friday rental, Monday return, one-day charge

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Milwaukee Air Snake set

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